Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Camping

Definitely not the traditional approach to maximizing the Mother's Day free-to-relax- card, but a wonderful way to get outside the day-to-day routine. This last weekend found us in Henry Coe State Park gobbling up Smores, savoring Banana Muffins, and ... well ... wearing all of our clothes to stay warm.

And just a moment to say how awesome it is to camp. I love it. It was SO wonderful to see the boys running, jumping, and peering down 'creature holes. Note: just peering - I did my best to enforce a no hands or feet down holes rule. And THRIFTY. We split a campsite with another family for a grand total of $32/family or $16/night. That is good old fashion cheap fun.

We did however totally splurge on the Mother's Day Breakfast - which was very sweet and the first time we had eaten biscuits cooked on a griddle (imagine a really thick pancake with butter and jelly instead of syrup).

So, sigh. Perhaps not the way you picture 'relaxing', but rejuvinating and memorable all the same.


Not that you need a recipe, but just for inspiration, consider ....

graham crackers
golden roasted marshmellows
peanut butter

Place the graham cracker and chocolate on a BBQ grate near the campfire or wrap in foil to get the chocolate nice and gooey while you roast your marshmellow. Once you've roasted, smoosh together your ingredients, and enjoy. Probably will need a wet wipe to clean up ... especially those little hands.

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