Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Hard-Boil an Egg

It has taken me 29 years to learn how to hard boil an egg – but today, alas, I boiled four beautiful hard boiled eggs. Victory. I think my days of cracked, mangled and protruding boiled eggs are over.

I remember looking through my mom’s recipes many moons ago and stumbling across a recipe card for ‘How to Boil Water’ … As the story goes the recipe, now a family secret to be sure, was given to my mom as a bridal shower gift. A must have for every new bride (or groom… or college student?). This basic recipe for hard boiled eggs, I propose, should accompany the matrimonial recipe bouquet. I wish I had been spared the years of miserable looking hard boiled eggs!
Jon and I were struck with sticker shock the other day when we purchased two dozen antibiotic/hormone free/organic/cage free eggs at 4.29/dozen (~$0.36/egg). Alas, it still makes for a thrifty snack when compared to packaged granola bars (~$1/bar). Happily for me, it did rekindle our conversation about a backyard chicken coop … someday.

Hey Bryn … now that I know how to hard-boil eggs can you teach me how to devil them?

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Good for so many things, like sliced in a salad or a sandwich. Also a thrifty snack at home (peeled over the sink and sprinkled with salt) or at the park.

Servings: Up to you
Cost: ~$.36/egg for eggs from “happy” hens
Time: 25-30 mins


Place eggs in the bottom of a saucepan. Fill with water to approximately one centimeter above eggs. Cover and bring to boil on stovetop. When water begins boiling turn off heat. Leave eggs covered on stovetop for an additional 15-20 minutes (varies depending on the size of the egg). Run eggs under cold water until eggs and water are cool. Crack, peel and enjoy.


Bryn said...

oh well i have to respond to the personal shout out! i was even going to respond to this post anyway, because i have spent much time finding the perfect hard boiled egg 'recipe' too - and embarassingly, i always have to look at it even though i should know it by heart. the only real difference between mine and yours is that i just sit them in a bowl of cold water for about 20 min at the end instead of running water over them, but same idea! once i learned to do that i was so happy b/c i think that's the key to making them easy to peel. after once spending about 30 min trying to peel one egg, i knew i had to figure this out.

my deviled eggs are pretty random, but the basic ingredients are mayo (low fat works just as well and now i'm used to it) - enough to make it creamy but not super mayo-y, red wine vinegar, some yellow mustard (not a ton), and anything else fun you want to throw in there. you can even put in chopped up pickles or red and green peppers for cruchiness. you can also add something hot (tabasco probably) if people are into that. paprika on top is fun but i don't think necessary.

Bryn said...

ok i forgot one key point that i think helps with the ease of peeling - when you transfer them into the cold water, you can crack the shell just a little bit and then when they're cool they are so easy to peel. also, sorry for commenting on my own comment - i don't think that's very good blog etiquette :)

sam said...

I didn't realize I didn't know how to hard boil an egg until I read your post. Perhaps you should forward me that boil water recipe too, just to be sure.

I like Bryn's slight variation on your technique because it uses less water. Those of us in the EBMUD service area are under drought rationing, you know. ;-)

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