Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Poncho Project

Spring Break ... what a bizarre and wonderful concept, and a great chance to give creative me some time to play.

Project One was making a long overdue "baby poncho" for my niece. Way back when I cut out a picture of an adorable baby poncho (cost $56), which looked easy enough to make with the help of my ol'trusty sewing machine. And wa'la ... with some $3 red fleece from the bargain bin at Joanne's, some $1 blue ribbon and some striped cotton fabric tucked away in my fabric container ... a $4 red fleece pancho was born.

If anyone is interested in pattern details, I would be happy to share more info!

On another note, I have been cooking up a storm but between kids and school I haven't found time to post to TK. Alas, hopefully this will change soon. Who knows? Until then ~ Welcome Spring!


Robyn said...

Super Cute Em.What a great idea. I am working on some painting smocks (sp?) for the summer..maybe we can trade patterns. What size is the poncho?

Emily said...

Yeah! I am so glad you like it ~ and painting/cooking smocks are totally on my list to make. Did you buy/make a pattern?
The poncho I made is ~18 months, but you know how those things vary! I basically used an 18mos sweater as my guide. I cut out a red fleece rectangle (folded over at the shoulders) equal to the width of the sweater (neck to waist)and the length of the arm-span.
Then I had the striped fabric, which I cut and ironed into strips to go around the edges/neck... and the bows I just sewed on by hand. Happy to clarify this more in person/phone email, etc!